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Put your team's collective knowledge behind every agent and optimize how and where they work without adding more screens. Talla discovers and helps you close knowledge gaps so agents always have the best information available.

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We've created this culture within our organization of  “Ask Talla First” because it saves time. It saves the individual being asked the questions as they are not required to answer it right on the spot, and then it saves the individual who’s asking the question as they are able to get the most up-to-date, accurate information.

Meagan Dignan

Now everyone has access to Talla, and everyone is using the same information so they can all provide the customer with the same experience.

Rina Kremer
Balsam Brands

After the impact of the pandemic on our business we needed to figure out a way to suppress the number of tickets getting put in front of our agents and Talla has been able to do that substantially.

Greg Peppel

Our customer reviews speak for themselves

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