Delivering Data-Driven Shifts for A Smarter Supply Chain

With Talla predict and balance supply & demand, optimize the delivery process and plan logistics well in advance, improving your service, cutting transportation costs, and saving your business a lot of money.

Ensure high-level delivery services and first-class customer support.

Forecasting Internal Optimization

Maximize efficiency and improve revenue by using Talla’s internal analysis features to keep customer information up to date, verify delivery data, eliminate duplicate information, and improve demand forecasting by determining which areas of inventory are performing well and which are not.

Better Warehouse Management

Talla accumulates knowledge based on your team’s decisions, makes judgments, and solves problems all on its own. Talla can analyze a big data set much faster than a person while easily avoiding all the mistakes humans can make, significantly improving warehouse management processes.

Back-office Automation Processes

Work through processes, recruiting, retention, employee development, and performance management. Talla can automate and simplify these processes and make your workforce planning strategy more efficient.

Trusted by top companies around the world.

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